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The great escape.

Snow and cold weather always bring out the devil in the horses!  It seems like the horses have a sense when it comes to gates and time management.  For instance, if your in a hurry, and you are by yourself, you might decide that the horses won’t leave the pasture and bolt out the gate if you hustle through with a bale of alfalfa for them.  They will follow the tractor and wait for their bale of expensive forage like good little sheep.  Not so much on this day.  The mares, well actually Peach, decided that the gate was open and it had been a long time since she had gone for a run.  Since Peach obviously had found a portal to heaven, the whole herd decided to follow her down the road.  And by down the road, I mean, past the house and barn, out on to the black top and head east at a high rate of speed.  


Lee, who was in the tractor,  pulled out behind them and commenced to trail them with the hay grinder in tow.  The finally turned into a yard and took a breather, giving him a chance to send me a kind text, letting me know what was going on.  (He really loves Peach)

He got them turned back towards the house and sent them back west, but they (Peach again) decided the fun wasn’t over.  She hooked a left at the first gravel and made another break for freedom.  After getting back around the hussies at the first house about a mile down that road, he decided to run them into our pasture and let them soak there for awhile.  So off they tear, gravel flying, down the road and what happens, one of the draft mares throws a large rock into the windshield and breaks it OUT!  No joke, shattered it.  Somehow this is Peaches fault, too.  (I think Lee is a little biased, personally.)

That was it for the day.  They could just stay out there, no grain for them, no windshield for Lee, and no kind words for Peach!    

The girls loved it, lots of grass, snow to roll in, they didn’t care about the grain.  Livin the dream, just like the wild Gypsy’s they are!  


Liberty and I were on the backup team to wrangle horses the next day.  Not only had the mares made a break for freedom, the geldings had slipped out into the back pasture, too.  We successfully trapped the geldings and then went down the road to get the mares.  They made a beeline for the trap and I closed the gate on them, decided to let them wait there and I would move them to the home pasture after the heifers had their breakfast.  I went to move them and guess what?Someone had opened the gate and they were back out in the hayfield!!  So, they are still out there, wild and free, not even missing the warm barn.  No respect, I swear!

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