We are hosting a fashion show!

So, here's the deal.  Bailey and I have talked about a fashion show for a couple of years.  We really love, love, love western fashion (hence, the store) and we have always thought it would be a ball to put on our very own fashion show.  Fast forward to June 2019.  We set a date!  Of course with the plan that we aren't going to put off the planning of this thing.  We are going to get on it, be organized, blah blah blah.  Turns out, we work best under pressure!  Who would have thought, right!

It's happening!  September 28th, we are doing it.  We wanted something fun and a little fancy, or as fancy as you can get when you have to bring your own lawnchair.  We absolutely love our customers and wanted to have a night for everyone to come out, eat, visit, and enjoy the evening.  A big taco bar with all the fixings, a little music, and viola! The night is planned.  

It's going to be something even the guys will appreciate. If we can twist their arms, our guys will be doing a little modeling!! (Please don't mention that to them, it's kind of a surprise)  We are going to show you what we envision for outfits, not just what we have to sell, but what you can put together out of your closet!  As a matter of fact, the store won't even be open that night!  We are closing at noon to put it all together!

We absolutely have a blast when we get the chance to host an event.  We will be giving away some great door prizes.  Boots, clothes, caps and who knows what else!!  We want you come out in all your glory, hats and boots and jewelry!  We are giving out a best dressed, best jewelry and best hat prize! As voted on by Bailey and I.  If you've got it, flaunt it! Right!!

We also have an ulterior motive.  As you might know, first and foremost, we are livestock producers.  Our heart and soul lies in the agricultural community.  We have the chance to spotlight a couple of great organizations that work hard for the livestock industry and agriculture in general.  Protect the Harvest works diligently to protect the rights of production agriculture and the Missouri Cattlemens Association is working for our livestock producers in the same way.  Both organizations will be on hand the 28th to answer any questions and give out information.  NO, it won't mean you have to sit through a presentation, we just believe in these organizations and wanted to give anyone who wanted to know what they were about the chance to find out.

So, come on out on Saturday September 28th for a Big Time in our Small Town!  Parking will be behind the Ranch House Coffee Shop or wherever you can find a spot!  

You can purchase your ticket for the meal on the website or in the store for 7 dollars.  It's going to be a great night!  Be sure to check the event on our Facebook page for updates on door prizes and information!!  We will also be giving out a few free tickets for the night on our Facebook page.  


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