In a nut shell, the Rocking M Ranch is family.  That pretty well describes everything about us.  A working family for sure, but family most of all.  We love our ranch and the cattle business.  Our horses and cattle are a huge part of all of our lives.  We love all things western, from the love of the land right down to the clothes that we wear.   We run a real working ranch.  Our days start early and many times don't stop till after dark, but we love it.  Our kids, and now our grand kids are all there, right by our sides, working at it every day. Many weekends are spent working cows and riding.  If your traveling on Hwy T, south of Stover, go slow, you might just have to wait on a herd of cows being driven down the road or a team and wagon rolling down the asphalt!  That's just life around our place.  

The Western Emporium is an extension of our ranch.  Another family project, that fits right in with our lifestyle. A western store has always been a dream and when we had trouble finding the working tack that we liked, we decided that other people might want the same things we do.  So with a little work to our enclosed carport, the Western Emporium was born.  As our inventory grew, our space seemed to shrink!  We decided it was time to take our little shop to town!  We rented a spot in town for a couple of years, and then decided to renovate an old building in Stover that is right on Hwy 52. The building had been a drive-in in the 1950's and was a restaurant in town for many, many years.  It had not been in use for quite a while and to say that it needed a little TLC was an understatement!  We cleaned, tore out, busted down and then cleaned some more.  The end result was a place we were proud to put the Rocking M Brand on!  

When you come into the Rocking M Ranch Western Emporium today, you'll find a place that is full of brands and products we either use personally or have it on good authority that they are quality products.  You see, we don't want to sell you something that we wouldn't use ourselves.  We decided in the very beginning that we didn't want to have something in our store that we didn't believe in.  So stop by, if your ever in town.  If it's only to visit.  We love company!